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Lack of access to energy is one of the the important obstacles to poverty reduction.

Energy is the effective factor to participate in the globalised business sector, which make it possible to take part to the global knowledge through different media and the Internet. The type of energy infrastructure chosen is also highly significant for the outcome of the fight against climate change.

Afghanistan has currently the unique opportunity to a large extend by the renewable solar energy to develop a sustainable energy supply. Solar power will be a key energy source in the future. The people in the rural areas can only be supplied by decentralized, based on renewable energy


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The government of Afghanistan and the international community support investors for the development of a production, distribution, installation and maintenance system for renewable energy systems in Afghanistan.
There is a significant market for investors and private electricity producers opened in renewable energy.

Solar energy will change enormously the production, supply and demand of fruit and Vegetable Packing and cold storage facility throughout Afghanistan. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a very short life span. Solar energy will help agricultural investors in Afghanistan and the farmers to clean, sorting, cold-storage and distribute their home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Agricultural investors can build a profit-generating business not just in Afghanistan but also in the growing market of central Asia and Europa.

We hope that through solar energy the biological fruit and vegetable of Afghanistan be moved from a central location with larger quantities after grading, sizing and cold-storage into trucks bound for small and big distant distribution points worldwide.


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