Afghanistan Oil and Gas


Afghanistan’s undiscovered resources of hydrocarbons volume in Amu Darya Basinis in the North of the country is according believes of the U.S. Geological Survey of more than 1.6 billion barrels of crude oil and 15.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 500 million barrels of natural gas liquids. This is may be considerably larger, since in decades there has been no precise exploration. Exploration for petroleum resources in Afghanistan began in 1936, but grew dramatically in 1957 with the technical and financial assistance of the Soviet Union

Afghanistan Hydrocarbon Law transformed its oil and natural gas sectors from fully state-owned to all but fully privatized. The Ministry of Mines of Afghanistan has launched in April 2011 the first of several tenders for the country`s oil and gas resources over the next few years.




Afghanistan has five major and one minor sedimentary basins (figure), all of which are underexplored. The United States Geological Survey and the Afghanistan Geological Survey jointly assessed the oil and gas resources in northern as well as in Western and Southern Afghanistan.

The qualification of bidders is essential for oil exploration and production in the Amu Darya Basin of northern Afghanistan and other resources. At the moment are four experienced international oil companies with substantial operations active in energy sector in Afghanistan.

We can help Oil and Gas compamies to use the unique opportunity to access untapped mineral resources and under-explored regions and use Afghanistan proximity to key global growth markets.

There are strong support and assets of Afghanistan government and international community for investors located in stable provinces with a ‘Mines Protection Unit’ established to provide security.

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