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Afghanistan is geologically a rich country. Assessments of only a fraction of the country’s land area indicate the potential for considerable mineral resources. Afghanistan has been known as a source of precious and semi-precious stones since ancient times like spinel and lapis-Lazuli. The earliest indications of mining in Afghanistan dated back 6,000 years.


Lapis-Lazuli mountain in Afghanistan


The emerald mountains wait for foreign investor/Industry

The crucial factor of Afghanistan reconstruction is the development of country mining sector, particularly in a time that the demand of world economy for raw material is enormously.

According new information up to 1 trillion U.S. dollars to the mineral wealth be worth to have discovered the geologists on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense in Afghanistan. Among them especially lithium in the dry salt lakes in western Afghanistan, which is needed generally for mobility, electric and laptops.

The base metals copper, lead and zinc are essential for the development of today’s technology-driven society. They have widespread uses, particularly in the transport and communication industries and the growth of the Asian economy is likely to ensure continued high demand.


Afghanistan Gold mountain 

Afghanistan Copper/Gold mine

The deposits and potential of raw materials and minerals in Afghanistan is huge. The chines mining one of several Afghanistan copper resource, but there are also huge mineral resources including iron, sulfur, talc, chromium, magnesium, salt, mica, marble, ruby, emerald, lapis lazuli, asbestos, nickel, mercury, gold, silver, lead, zinc, fluorspar, bauxite, beryllium and lithium. In addition, there are significant deposits of phosphorus, uranium and thorium.

You can contact us for more information about Afghanistan minerals and the possiblity how to take part in current tenders for these resources. Opportunities of mine sectors are largely dominated by government tenders. Interested parties should be single entities or consortia that have the technical ability and financial standing to undertake the relevant Project.

We can negotiate with Afghan business men in mining area for partnership platform for international exploration and mining companies for example, logistics, security providers or geoscientists to provides a large infrastructure network in Afghanistan.


Foto1: Photo:de Philip Poupin

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