There are huge growth opportunities relate to the construction sector in Afghanistan for investors with best profit. Especially mining of minerals for the production of construction materials.

The Kabul New City project is the biggest development initiative of Afghanistan which enjoys the full support of Afghan Government and civil society. This is 1.5 times larger than the existing Kabul City.

In 2006, the President of Afghanistan established an Independent Board for the Development of Kabul New City. The board prepared a master plan for the city with cooperation from the Government of Japan and French Private sector. A number of European companies specializing in urban design, water management, and sustainable environment and landscaping, business strategies and energy resource management were commissioned to develop the conceptual master plan for the new city. The master plan and its implementation strategy for 2025 were endorsed by the Afghan Cabinet in early 2009. Soon, as a top priority, the initiative turned into one of the biggest commercially viable national development project of the country, expected to be led by the private sector.


A key program of just phase 1 development of Kabul New City is the planning and construction of 80,000 housing units and its infrastructure.

After 2002, the new geo-political dynamics and its subsequent business opportunities, rapid urban population growth and emergence of high unemployment, triggered the planning of urban extension towards the immediate north of Kabul, in the form of a new city.

There are huge opportunity for investation in construction sector and participation by government constrcution bids.

We are able to realize in combination with our associate construction company in Afghanistan our clients enterprise, since foreign construction companies are in great demand.

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