The capability to invest in agro-business and agro-processing is not just impact on the economic development of Afghanistan, but also the export of agricultural products in the region and worldwide. Processing, packaging and agriculture-related industries are great opportunities for investors.

Afghanistan have many agricultural goods, but need modern packaging procedures to accelerate the efficient of export business for many crops. The market potential for processed agricultural products like fruits concentrates, pickles and fresh fruit jams is enormous.



The pomegranate juice concentrate products is not just delicious and healthy, but also a sources of income for families.

Afghanistan arid to semiarid climate and its hot summers are particularly suited for cultivating a broad range of rare plants and spices as well as a large variety of fruits and vegetables that can be dried, canned, or otherwise processed.

Our associate is Afghanistan first integrated fruit and vegetable processing company with the most modern machinery. The company is a global partner in the fruit and vegetable industry with the highest quality fruit and vegetable products and a good price relation.

We supply with modern logistic the customer Worldwide all kind of fruit and vegetables growing in Afghanistan like apple, apricot, peach, plum, pomegranate, grape, sweet Melon, water Melon, pear cherry, strawberry, fig and more.

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