The southeast mountains of Afghanistan cut off the Arabian Sea monsoons so that the climate of the country is not humid, but the fringe effects alongside the mountains bring tropical air masses that impact the climate and bringing increased humidity and rain. The country climate is good suitable for planting of horticultural crops.


Afghanistan has fertile lovely mountain valleys, which grow the best aromatic and tasteful fruit and vegetable of the world. Agriculture is the resource of majority people livelihood in Afghanistan and the government priority is Agriculture and Rural Development.

Afghanistan in central Asia is famous for his graps and other fruits and is the origin of many precious crops like pomegranates, pistachios almonds and raisins and much more other food and medical drug. All these products can be marketed as biological grown crop.

We look for international buyers for Afghanistan’s best biological food products.

There are much facilities for investment with profit in agriculture secotor in Afghanistan, which revitalize in the same time the agricultural sectors in Afghanistan to prosper the economy of the country for social peace. According to the Japanese officials Afghanistan would be able to export agricultural products outside of the country by promoting the agricultural fields. In the meantime a number of economical analysts emphasized on the promotion of agriculture as the best option to boost the economy of the country.


Agriculture and rural developmentĀ 

The provincial government of Afghanistan and the people are interested in the economic development of the regions to reduce the rural exodus. Over 75% of the Afghan people live in rural area where agriculture and related activities are the only means of livelihood. Investment by agriculture in Afghanistan aims to contribute poverty reduction and rural development through creating a competitive export-oriented agro-industrial sector and improving small-scale private sector development activities.

We are able to coordinate faster economic growth and rural poverty reduction by developing of agriculture sector with interested corporation.

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