Intellectual Property

Afghanistan Trademark Registration Law (2009): The law described “Trademark” as legal terms of intellectual property that identifies and distinguishes products and services in the marketplace, which comprised five chapter and 36 clauses.

Chapter one described target of the law, trademark forms, application procedure for registration and so on.

Chapter two concerns registration, amendment, assignment, publication in official gazette, renewal and protection of a registered trademark for ten years from competitors stealing of identity and using similar name/symbol that cause confusion for custumers.

Chapter three treat infringement, complaint/form, commercial court decision and so on.

Chapter four described punishment and punishment measure regarding imitation or unwarranted use of a registered trademark in Afghanistan.

The Nice classification of goods and services consisting of 45 classes is applied.

Necessary document: Trademark registration/or other IP matters in Afghanistan required a Power of Attorney with notarization and legalization of Afghanistan Embassy/Consulate in the concerned country, so that the registration can be accomplished on behalf of the clients.

Registration procedure: The Central Registry of Ministry of Commerce of Afghanistan approve the application. If the trademark be accepted for registration, the details of the mark can be published in Afghanistan governement official gazette for opposition notices. Finally the Registration Certificate will be issued after settling of different regulation of authorities. This Registration Certificate will be forwarded with its translation to the clients.

Power of Attorney in Persian and English languages, Official gazette, Registration Certificate


Our expertise team: We realized every strategic aspect of intellectual property. IP advice, IP portfolio management, Trademark registration, Trademark search, Trademark watch service. Acquisition of industrial property rights, Pre-litigation and litigation in trademarks, designs, patents, copyright. Recordal of assignments, licenses, merger, change of name and address. Technology transfers, technical and scientific partnership agreements, etc. Please use our contact address/form by the administration for more information.

Afghanistan Patent Law: This law is still not in force. This legal vacuum will be closed as soon as possible. Therefore we advice our clients to publish a Cautionary Notice in a English Language Newspaper in Afghanistan.





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