Band-i-Amir in the Hindu Kush Mountains, west of the famous Buddhas of Bamyan, exist of six incredibly deep blue lakes, which is separated by natural dams. This nature beauty is one of the few rare natural lakes in the world, which became 2009 Afghanistan’s first national park. But their beauty was earlier in 1960 recognized. The deep blue varying colors of water of these spectacular lakes looks almost like ink, which is due to the clarity of the air, high mineral contents of the lakes and purity of the water.



With the time the beautiful lakes were created by the carbon dioxide rich water, which drawn from the surrounding mountains in the rocky landscape. This outflow of water percolates slowly through the underlying limestone and dissolved its principal mineral calcium carbonate. The water deposited layers of hardened mineral (travertine), which created dams that trap water in increasingly large basins. These dams are usually about 10m high and 3m wide. Water cascades from one lake to the other near travertine terraces serving as massive natural dams between the lakes.



Settlement in Band-i-Amir that included as features on UNESCO World heritage list. Bamyan and Band-i-Amir can be visited as one tour.


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