The ancient city of Kabul is repeatedly fought over by all the great empires and religions. Kabul was known in antiquity as Kabura and was an Achaemenids outpost 2500 years ago. Later on during the Kushan era Kabul became a Buddhist city and finally Muslim with the Arab expansion from the east. In the time of Mongolen/Genghis Khan Kabul was worst destructed. In 1504 Kabul was captured by Babur, founder of the Mughal empire. Kabul was never a secure throne. In different centuries different powers came to Kabul and went back.

Babur Gardens was originally designed by the Mughal rule and currently houses his tomb. The large garden is recently restored and the city is changed on an almost daily basis. Everywhere are the sound of mobile phones and new restaurants and bazaars cater to the nouveau riche Afghans. Kabul is a city which exciting, frustrating, inspiring and shocking in equal measure and offers the traveler a rich selection items from hand-woven silk fabrics, Gemstones to antiques.


The most visited place outside the city is Ghargha lake and Paghman valley in Kabul.

Our guest will have the possibility during his visit in Kabul to choose the sightseeing of Kabul. Some of the tourist hot spots are Babur Gardens, Kabul Museum, the mausoleum of Mohammad Nadir Shah, the Minar-i-Istiklal, the tomb of Timur Shah, Bala Hissar, Kabul Zoo, Kabul blue Mosque and more.


Foto1: Google bilder/Babur garten

Foto2: Privat

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