The mission is to make Internet an everyday practical reality for everyone in Afghanistan.

Telecommnunications infrastructure and information is the key to rapid economic and social development of the country. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Afghanistan assist/licensed telecommunications companies to make investment in IT and communications sector to provide services for the population of Afghanistan.

The Ministry willcome more companies and vendors to implement his Communications and Information Technology projects in the area of Mobile telefon, Internet Service Providers, wireless networks, satellite ground stations and Carriers worldwide and more.



The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has issued till now 4 GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) licenses and more are needed to connect Afghanistan with the wider world.

There are good chances for telecommunication companies to cooperate with the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology of Afghanistan in the field of Extension of optical Fiber network(OFC), Provision of fast Internet Services to increas internet users from 8% to 50% in next years, Establishment and distributing system of Electronic identity cards, Electronic government, E-governance, Digital television services.


Transport and Logistics

Investment Opportunities in transport and logistics sector in Afghanistan is huge. This sector represents a vital support-industry to other sectors which will not be able to perform well without an up-graded transport and logistics sector.

The overland transportation of goods and commodities comes to or from Pakistan, Iran and Central Asian republics Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The main transit routes are through Afghanistan to the ports of Bandar-e ’Abbas in Iran, Karachi in Pakistan and Tajikistan over the Amu River.

Afghanistan is potentially the shortest route to the open sea for the Central Asian republics and Russian industrial centres of western Siberia. For Pakistan, Afghanistan offers a primary route for trade with Central Asia.
Afghanistan’s large and growing market for basic logistics and transportation services presents a ground-floor opportunity for new providers.

Afghanistan offers a point of access to an extended regional market of more than 2 billion people, linking the Middle East to Southern, Central and Southeast Asia.

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