The right to reasonable education is a human right !

Knowledge is light.


We want to facilitate the development of Afghanistan’s human capital by providing quality education to contribute productively to the development and economic growth of the country.


Afghanistan school:

The poor quality of education in Afghanistan is affected by multiple factors including few teachers with thorough content-based knowledge and an understanding of effective teaching methods and low quality teaching and learning materials. Improving the pedagogical skills of teachers as well as their content knowledge is key to improving the quality of education in Afghanistan.

We want to strengthen through coordination/organisation the national capacity in teacher training and curriculum renewal/development to enable the student to achieve international standard. This ensure that the new generation of Afghans learns a sense of social responsibility and incorporating ideas of unity in diversity.


Afghanistan children/future

We assist with expertise/supervision to transfer scientific, social and educational knowledge to meet with quality education the Millennium Development Goals between the government of Afghanistan and the international community.

Our science/teachers team from Germany with more than 20 years experience in teaching mathematics, physics, Chemie, Computer and more, experience in school management, foreign working for the German school abroad, wishing to enhance and to consult higher education developement in Afghanistan- willing to create single schools ‘out of the mud’ , teacher training and allround workhorse – experienced in teambuilding and leading to form structures that make schoolbuilding and higher education successfull. Also possible would be building partnerships between existing afghan schools and german ones.


Foto1: girls/future


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