About us

Mohammad Naseer & Massoun Consultancy and IP Services is founded by Prof. Dr. Ghulam Sachie Massoun in the year 1969 under the name of Afghanistan Patent and trademarks Attorneys. Since then the firm have assisted multitudinous foreign concern and companies from different countries by businesses in Afghanistan. Prof. Massoun is one of the pioneer of IP registration in Afghanistan in the middel of last century. He teached at the same time International and Private Law in the university of Kabul, which most of Afghanistan leadership graduated from the faculty of law and political science of this university. He served also for many years as dean of the faculty of law and political sceince of Kabul University and president of Afghanistan Law Association.

In spite of different difficulties in the new history of Afghanistan the Law office of Prof. Massoun could keep up his work.

Recently due to the requirement of Afghanistan economic development with support of International Community  the firm extended their activities and established the new firm  Mohammad Naseer &  Massoun consultancy and IP Services. The firm act as bridge between foreign companies/ organisations and Afghanistan government and people and serve the interests and needs of investors, facilitate registration, licensing and much more in Afghanistan for better business to our clients and better life in Afghanistan.

Our associate: Our management team have competent and experienced attorneys and associate lawyers to resolve open issues and achieve quality objectives. We select accurately the course of action for every case to effect the best outcome. Our effort will be to know how we can better meet your needs to establish business in one of the beutifull country of the world. We are absolutely sure to can give our clients best security in Afghanistan from different points.

Our services range from information about country different Law fields, mediation, litigation to assistance by organisation of the enterprise in various fields of investment among others.

We have extensive experience with the authority system in Afghanistan to can assist foreign clients not to spend their finance needless as necessary. Our efforts and stratregy is to negotiat and develope the best way to realize our esteemed clients enterprise/satisfaction with high and prompt-quality services.

Foto1: Prof. Dr. Massoun in the middel with Afghanistan education Minister/1976.




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