The focus of international community in the last ten years on Afghanistan allow the country to use his natural and intellectual resources for sustainable peace and prosperity.

Afghanistan is a land of growing economic prominence and we are striving for expanding economic opportunities for all citizens of the world.

The merging market Afghanistan located at the strategic importance modern north-south corridor of great economic opportunities. These corridors link the largest and fastest-growing economies of the world, which include Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and UAE.

The ancient Silk Route Afghanistan is now trade bridge between the Middle East, Central and South Asia, which is returning to normal after years of unrest.

Afghanistan is at the moment the country of business opportunities in the areas construction, agriculture and many more as mentioned in our homepage administration.

The Government of Afghanistan has create a favorable environment for investment. The Private Investment Law of Afghanistan facilitate the development of country industries and demonstrate the Government’s commitment to attracting new investment. The Law allows for one hundred percent foreign ownership, easy repatriation of profits, and treats foreign investors in the same fashion as domestic investors.

We help our clients to have minimum risk and high security as well as best communication between interested parties.

Certainly investment and trade in Afghanistan create work for foreign investor in their countries, so that the result is prosperity and a better world for all.

We are committed to provide our clients accurate and confident information regarding their enterprise in Afghanistan.


Image:ACTIOM/Professional Services for International Corporation

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